Migrating from sankeyview

Starting with version 2.0, sankeyview has been renamed to floWeaver. At the same time, there were a few changes to tidy up the API and make it more flexible. This document describes the steps needed to update from an earlier version to floWeaver.


Where you had this before:

from sankeyview import *
from sankeyview.jupyter import show_sankey

You should now have one of the following:

# More explicit about where names are coming from: use e.g. "fw.Dataset"
import floweaver as fw

# Less typing: use just e.g. "Dataset"
from floweaver import *

show_sankey function

The show_sankey function (from module sankeyview.jupyter) aimed to provide an easy interface for showing Sankey diagrams in Jupyter notebooks, but it was limited in its flexibility and had grown a long and confusing arguments list. It has been replaced by the floweaver.weave() function.

For example, this old code:

show_sankey(sdd, dataset, width=800, height=500)

now becomes:

weave(sdd, dataset).to_widget(width=800, height=500)

For more details see floweaver.weave() and floweaver.SankeyData.